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As the business network grows, we are fortunate enough to meet some wonderful people with special talents and a willingness to help others. This has enabled us to build "The Knowledge Hub".

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In order for someone to be added to our "Knowledge Hub" they must first attend our "Collaboration Hub" events, where they get the opportunity to share their knowledge with other attendees. They must have a will to help others and an understanding that collaborating with fellow "Knowledge Hub" members makes the service they provide more powerful.

In addition to demonstrating their knowledge and willingness to help others, an applicant must also impress and be recommended by two pre-existing "Knowledge Hub" members.

Each member of the "Knowledge Hub" must also write at least one generic article per year communicating their experience in business and post that article on The Omni Market.

The skill sets possessed by members of the "Knowledge Hub" may have been gained by qualification, experience or a combination of both. The team recognise that some people without any formal qualifications have a natural aptitude for aspects of business that can be extremely valuable and rarely taught. Others will have worked extremely hard to gain a qualification to prove their knowledge, which combined with experience is extremely valuable.

When asked what would help their businesses to become stronger or more profitable, the number two answer is "An experienced person to share ideas with".  When we gain more qualitative information, we find that members want to have a person who is currently, or has previously run a business and hence understands what it takes. All of our "Knowledge Hub" members have previously or are currently running or in senior positions within a business and can provide independent testimonials for their achievements / experiences.

A part of running a business is to continually evolve and try different things, some of which will succeed and others will fail. On occasion the failures will result in the failure of a business. Such failure is not treated negatively by members of the "Knowledge Hub" as long as lessons have been learnt from them.

Our aim is to generate an ever growing "Knowledge Hub" with real life business experience and empathy for those who give running a business a try.  

Knowledge Hub Assessments for Members

All members will be able to request a "Knowledge Hub" assessment of their business, after attending at least one "Collaboration Hub" meeting. Members of the "Knowledge Hub" will only attend such an assessment if they believe in the member business and that they can help that business evolve. A business may request an assessment to help it through difficult times or to plan growth.

Topical Business Events

As a result of our activity and communications with members, we often get the opportunity to run topical business events. The "Knowledge Hub" team man / present / demonstrate at these events.

Get Matched - Member Enquiries - Signposting

An ever increasing stream of opportunities on a wide variety of topics are being generated. Members are naturally signposted to solutions in the "Knowledge Hub" in the first instance. If an appropriate solution is not available within the "Knowledge Hub" the wider professional membership is used.

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