Posted by Member Exclusives on 27/05/2017

A Win - Win Upgrade Benefit - With CashbackAPP®
Cornwall, UK


The CashbackAPP® is unique in that it will accept local merchants onto the system. Restaurants; Hotels; Website Design; Bookkeeping; Marketing Services - it can work for pretty much any type of business.

As a loyalty rewards scheme to encourage people to use your products or services, it is very flexible. Through your dashboard, you can control the percentage of cashback you give to a consumer, depending on how busy you are.

For instance if you run a website design business and there is a dip in the workflow, you might want to offer a 15% discount for those engaging you in the next fortnight. As a restaurant or hotel, you might want to offer higher levels of cashback to customers who use you on a Tuesday in May. All of these settings you can control on a daily basis.

CashbackAPP® in Cornwall is offering a member exclusive deal, in that they will provide their premium service, which includes compliant promotional communications to their members, normally costing £30 per month, free for 6 months if you are a Professional member and free for 12 months if you are a Premium member. If this system works for you, and you have nothing to lose by giving it a try, then it will more than pay for your membership.

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Cornwall, UK

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